The Misperceptions Quiz

The Misperceptions Quiz

Do you have any misperceptions about social issues?

A recent Ipsos MORI poll showed that public opinion in the UK is completely wrong on issues such as crime, social welfare and immigration.

Are you more clued-up than the average Brit, or would you be well advised to find some other topic of discussion next time you're down the pub? Let's find out...

  1. Teenage pregnancy: In the UK, what percentage of girls under the age of 16 get pregnant in an average year?

  2. Crime: During the period from 2006/07 to 2012, did crime increase or decrease in the UK? What about violent crime?

  3. Job-seekers allowance: In 2011/12, the portion of the welfare budget spent on pensions was £74.2bn. But how much was spent on job-seekers allowance? Have a guess.

  4. Benefit fraud: Out of every £100 spent on benefits, how much is claimed fraudulently according to official estimates?

  5. Foreign aid: In 2011/12, what percentage of the government's budget was spent on foreign aid?

  6. Religion: What percentage of the population in England and Wales identify themselves as Muslims?

  7. Immigration and ethnicity: According to official figures, what percentage of the UK population are immigrants?

  8. Age: What percentage of the population is aged 65 or over?

  9. Benefit bill: Some of the following measures have already been introduced, but which do you think would save the government the most money?

  10. Voting: What percentage of the electorate turned out to vote in the last general election?

Credit: Westminster skyline based on a photo by Mark Ahsmann CC BY-SA 3.0

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