Pub Stop

If you’re going on a long car journey this summer, you’ll probably want to stop off somewhere along the way. If motorway service stations aren’t your thing, then how about a pub lunch instead?

In June 2009, the Guardian and Observer newspapers published a list of some of the best pubs in the UK. Most of them serve food, and there’s a good chance you could be travelling right past one of them. This tool will show you the pub(s) closest to your route.

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Don’t get ripped off

Motorway service stations have been caught slapping mark-ups of 400% or more onto their prices for snacks, drinks and fuel. Wouldn’t you rather take your money somewhere else?

Do your bit

UK pubs are disappearing at an alarming rate — according to a recent study by CAMRA, 57 pubs are being closed permanently every month. We can reverse this trend if we make more of an effort to keep our pubs in business.

Drive safely

Back in 1897, a London taxi driver called George Smith was the first person to be convicted of drunk driving. He got away with a fine of 25 shillings. Today the penalties are a bit harsher. If you’re in charge of the vehicle, stick to the non-alcoholic drinks.

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