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Mona Lisa: reimagined

Using a new app (presumably incorporating Google’s Deep Dream code), someone has created dozens of different versions of the Mona Lisa based on the styles of other painters or on random photographs. The results are amazing.

The mathematical arse

Stack Exchange user mikuszefski has come up with a parametric formula for plotting rather nice arses in three dimensions. Take a look at this: Apparently it doesn’t look so good from the other side, but I don’t have Mathematica so

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Subpixel-aware image scaling

Subpixel rendering is the technique your computer uses to make text on the screen as readable as possible even at small font sizes. In a typical LCD monitor, each pixel is represented by a combination of three separate light-emitting elements,

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Inside Insides

Inside Insides is building a collection of animated MRI scans of foods. It doesn’t sound all that fascinating, but take a look at this: (MP4 video link) That’s a head of broccoli. You’ll never guess what this next one is:

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A tribute to Margaret Thatcher

Click for video

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So long, Ceefax

Ceefax is now officially dead :-(

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A Trip to the Moon

This is my last-minute entry to the┬áMovie Moments competition at the┬áBlender Guru website (which closes in literally a matter of minutes). Wish I had a bit more time to spend on this, but never mind… In case you’re wondering, it’s

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Optical illusion

Here’s an optical illusion I just made. Keep your eyes on the black dot in the middle. (Click for a bigger image.) Did you see the rotating spokes in the white circles around the outside?

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Rendering ocean waves in 3D

There’s an old post on the Gamasutra website that describes a Fourier-based algorithm for generating wind-driven waves in deep water. I wrote a little program to generate water displacement maps based on this algorithm and tried it out in Blender.

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