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ScytheCTF 2017 Writeup

I took part in the ScytheCTF 2017 capture-the-flag contest at It’s finished now, but the challenges should still be accessible in the practice area. Here are a few hints for anyone who needs them: optimize-me Not solved rsa-love Not

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A clever and witty short film by Albion Gray: Mugged from Albion Gray on Vimeo.

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Pink Trombone

It sounds a bit rude, but Pink Trombone is actually the auditory equivalent of QWOP. See if you can get it to say something intelligent. (via JWZ)

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Well this is strange…

… but also very entertaining.

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So it actually happened

Has anyone got Elon Musk’s phone number?

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Mona Lisa: reimagined

Using a new app (presumably incorporating Google’s Deep Dream code), someone has created dozens of different versions of the Mona Lisa based on the styles of other painters or on random photographs. The results are amazing.

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Uncanny Valley

Here’s a really impressive short film about virtual reality:

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He’s a Russian Spy

Here’s a brilliant bit of music that deserves a bigger audience. Shot in Liverpool, Exmoor and Berlin. The song is performed by There’ll Always Be Diseases (TAB-D) and is available as a download single. The video features Boz Hayward, (who

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Welcome to the spam factory

Does this text message look familiar to you? Been involved in a car accident in the last 3 years that was not your fault? Then you can claim compensation, to find out how much click******** I routinely forward messages

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Tom Harper defending his journalism on CNN

Last weekend, an article by Tom Harper, Richard Kerbaj and Tim Shipman in the Sunday Times alleged that files leaked by Edward Snowden had been decrypted by the Russians and Chinese, endangering the lives of Mi6 agents in those countries.

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