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Welcome to the spam factory

Does this text message look familiar to you? Been involved in a car accident in the last 3 years that was not your fault? Then you can claim compensation, to find out how much click******** I routinely forward messages

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Tom Harper defending his journalism on CNN

Last weekend, an article by Tom Harper, Richard Kerbaj and Tim Shipman in the Sunday Times alleged that files leaked by Edward Snowden had been decrypted by the Russians and Chinese, endangering the lives of Mi6 agents in those countries.

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Frack off, it’s none of your business

Earlier this year, the UK government published a report on the effect of shale gas mining (i.e. “fracking”) on rural economies (link to PDF document). One can only assume that their findings were not very positive, because most of this

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Project Euler hacked

Project Euler has been taken down after a security breach. There is no indication of when — or even if — the site will return. All that’s left is the following message: What sort of lowlife scumbag would attack a site like this?

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An American Wacko in London

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones guested with David Aaronovitch on the Politics Show last weekend. Among other batshit assertions, he claimed that the Euro is a Nazi German plan, that Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was an SS officer, and that

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Tax return

Aargh. It’s tax return time again :-(

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