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A stained glass puzzle

Here’s an interesting puzzle set by user MattClarke at the Stack Exchange puzzling website. The stained glass window you see here is called Chaos and Order. You simply have to figure out why. I found the answer to this yesterday,

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HackerRank W3 — where was everyone?

The latest HackerRank weekly challenge attracted 71 entries from the US and 387 from India, but only four from the UK. I think this is the lowest turnout so far. Maybe the good weather had something to do with it. But anyway,

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GCHQ: Can you find it?

I only discovered today that GCHQ launched a new code-breaking competition last week. It turned out to be quite entertaining, and not too difficult to solve. The deadline for entries is October 21st — do have a stab at it

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Regular expression crossword puzzles

In case you don’t know, a regular expression (or “regex” for short) is a search pattern that can be used to find patterns in text documents. For example, the regular expression (?<!c)ie will match the letters “i” and “e” in

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