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Solution to the Turing competition

Last month I mentioned a codebreaking puzzle tied in with the release of the new film about Alan Turing. The competition has just closed, but you might still be able to find it online if you feel like having a

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Turing competition

The maths department at Manchester University recently launched a new competition tied in with the release of The Imitation Game, the film about Alan Turing that you have no doubt heard of. The competition involves decrypting three codes. I thought

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I recently learned about an encryption protocol called CipherSaber, which was developed in 2001 by author, consultant and Star Wars fan Arnold G. Reinhold in retaliation against government plans to restrict access to strong cryptographic techniques. CipherSaber is based on

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Solution to GCHQ competition

Note: The domain that hosted this competition appears to have been taken over by malware pushers, and the pages hosted on other sites around the web have all been deleted. Where possible, I have replaced the links in this article

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GCHQ: Can you find it?

I only discovered today that GCHQ launched a new code-breaking competition last week. It turned out to be quite entertaining, and not too difficult to solve. The deadline for entries is October 21st — do have a stab at it

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Happy Cryptmas

The Cyber Security Challenge UK recently launched a new cyber challenge for the Xmas holiday. The challenge takes the form of an image containing a lot of random-looking text with a Christmas tree in the middle. I’m still not sure

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Singing banana code challenge 2012

Last month the ever-cheerful James Grime (a.k.a. “singingbanana”) of the Enigma Project launched a competition where people were invited to decipher an encrypted message. The prize was a signed copy of The Code Book by Simon Singh (which is an excellent

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