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Get notified when a website comes back online has been offline all evening. This is not such bad news, as there are other things I should really be doing right now. It would be nice, however, if my computer could let me know when the site comes

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An electric monk for OS X

One of the characters in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams is an electric monk, which is a robot built for the sole purpose of believing in things so its owner doesn’t have to. Well, now you can have

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Singing banana code challenge 2012

Last month the ever-cheerful James Grime (a.k.a. “singingbanana”) of the Enigma Project launched a competition where people were invited to decipher an encrypted message. The prize was a signed copy of The Code Book by Simon Singh (which is an excellent

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Where are the MP3 files in my iPod?

To cut a long story short — I want to get my MP3 files out of the iPod (5th generation) and on to the hard drive on my laptop. This can be done by re-syncing the iPod, but I’m only

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