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Bad Toys II

If Michael Bay had directed Toy Story, it might have ended up something like this…

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World Stylophone Quartet

This video deserves more views:

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A tribute to Margaret Thatcher

Click for video

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Paper is not dead!

Le papier ne sera jamais mort.

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Happy Cryptmas

The Cyber Security Challenge UK recently launched a new cyber challenge for the Xmas holiday. The challenge takes the form of an image containing a lot of random-looking text with a Christmas tree in the middle. I’m still not sure

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So long, Ceefax

Ceefax is now officially dead :-(

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Adam Buxton’s Counting Song

This is just brilliant:

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An electric monk for OS X

One of the characters in┬áDirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams is an electric monk, which is a robot built for the sole purpose of believing in things so its owner doesn’t have to. Well, now you can have

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How many Bond films can you name in 5 minutes?

I only got round to watching A Quantum Of Solace last week. However, there is apparently a new Bond movie coming out later this year. How many of the other Bond films can you remember? Have a go at this

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Optical illusion

Here’s an optical illusion I just made. Keep your eyes on the black dot in the middle. (Click for a bigger image.) Did you see the rotating spokes in the white circles around the outside?

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